How To Make Women Want You

Publié le 23 Mars 2016

Getting women to notice you can sometimes seem like a harder task than it really is. If your experiences with women have become painfully awkward, it could be the approach you are taking.

Here are 4 simple tips you can use to charm your way into a woman's mind and make her want you:

1. Be Confident

Women love a confident take-charge sort of man. If you're not a confident person, just play the part. While being yourself is important, acting confident is okay when it doesn't come naturally. Once you get into a confident alpha mindset and start playing the part, you'll start living it. Before you know it, you'll become naturally confident, and you'll attract more women everywhere you go.

2. Pay Attention To Her

Women want someone who can give them the attention that they need and deserve. In fact, nothing pleases her more than a man who gives her his undivided attention. Create an opportunity to get to know her. Listen keenly when she tells you about her life and the things she loves. Let her know that you are listening by asking her the right questions during the conversation. By actually listening and being present with her, you will create a strong emotional bond and pretty soon she will make all sorts of excuses just to be around you.

3. Challenge Her

Despite what you may have heard, it's never a good idea to always agree with everything a woman says. When you challenge her, she will work harder to gain your approval. This is something that can help you stay in control, as well as build up attraction to the point where it causes her to think about you constantly.

4. Be Unpredictable

Most men are actually predictable, which means that women have virtually no problem determining how they will react in certain types of situations. This is something that can end up boring a woman out of her mind. A great way to charm a woman is to be a little mysterious, which will keep her guessing about exactly what kind of man you are. In other words, take the opportunity to be different.

You'll be more desirable to women when you put these tips into action. But if you want to create a deeper connection with women and have more fun and passionate dating experiences, go check out this short video now...

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