How to Text a Girl You Like

Publié le 14 Mars 2016

Have you been wondering what kind of text messages to send a girl you like?

If yes, then it is mandatory to understand what it's the best way for sending a text message to a girl. It's also very important to know the principles for messaging a woman in order to avoid blowing it with the one that previous like you.

So, what are the best text messages to send the girl you want to have a date with? It's not hard if you follow some basic rules when you are trying to flirt with someone. Try these advices and you will surely make the girl to like you over text messages.

Let's start with some of these rules which are essential when you are trying to get someone attention and make her become interested in you.

1: Be Inconsistent with Your Messages

Girls chase after boys that they can not figure out. Don't text a girl immediately after she sent you the SMS. This way you will become predictable and also very boring.

Let the girl wait for your message. Make her quite uncertain when she is going to receive the next message from you. In this case she will become impatient and she will be surprised when she will receive your SMS. Girls like to be surprised.

I remember my girlfriend telling me she was constantly checking her phone to see if I sent her an SMS. She admitted she could not focus on her work because she was always thinking if I sent her an instant message or not. She was always taking the phone in her hands hoping she received a message from me.

This is a great way to send a text message to a girl you like and capture her attention. She will always be anxious and she will always think of you messaging her.

2: Make her think you are having a good time

Don't complain, don't make her think you are tired or bored. Don't make her think your discussion is uninteresting. Always try to show her you are having a decent time. Be happy, make her have fun and be optimistic.

This way she will associate you with good times and she will always think of you as a positive person.

3: Send her short and flirtatious text messages

Try not to commit the error of attempting to tell her the story of your life over instant message. Instead, always send her short text messages and to the point. In any case, make them fun. Make them something she will appreciate getting from you.

Do this by teasing her, saying interesting things, or simply keeping a general flirtatious tone. In case you are not sure what kind of lines count as flirting, then look at the Magnetic Messaging Video.

You will find out how to text a girl you like in a way that keeps the vibe fun.

4: Try to get you in her mind by using text messages

Let's be honest, the more a woman thinks about you the more chances you get to convince herself that she is interested in you person and she likes you.

This is the reason it is great to use messages as an approach to get you in her thoughts. Send her random SMS throughout the week. Be inconsistent and always use a positive note in each message you send her.

Don't respond her immediately after she writes you back. Be sporadic with your instant messages. Try to be the last one to text her.

So, if you was wondering how to text a girl you like then this is the right way. With this approach I managed to make my actual girlfriend be interested in me.

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