3 Easy Ways To Know If A Woman Is Interested In You

Publié le 23 Mars 2016

When a woman is interested in you, she won't always be obvious about it in her actions or even in her words. Here are 3 easy ways to tell if she's into you…

1. Watch Her Body Language

When talking to a woman, pay very close attention to her overall body language. While a woman may be shy to express her true feelings, she may subconsciously display her affection for you through her body language.

Certain signs that you should look for include a woman who plays with her hair, puts on lipstick, or keeps an open stance when directly looking at you. These actions indicate a touch of nerves, while also being inviting of your presence.

2. Does She Always Enjoy Spending Time With You?

When you interact with a woman, keep a close eye on her overall mood. Generally, a woman who likes you is going to truly enjoy her time with you, and this will be apparent by her smile and laughter. A woman who is regularly in a bad mood is obviously not enjoying herself with you. But a woman who is able to laugh and have fun with you after a long hard day is a woman who clearly sees something in you.

3. Playfully Ask Her

I'm not suggesting that you directly go up to a woman and ask if she likes you. Rather, I'm suggesting that you ask her if she likes you in a way that's both playful and with a streak of confidence.

If you two are playfully arguing, you can say something like "aww you love me too much to stay mad at me." A woman who strictly views you as a friend is going to respond to a statement like that with a load of sarcasm but which doesn't really affect your friendship.

However, a woman who has feelings for you is going to respond much differently. She may blush, grudgingly agree, or laugh and tell you to shut up. Those are all very good signs!!

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